Outlook for UK Gambling Industry

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Are you an online gambler or planning to launch an online gambling site in the UK? If so, then it’s important to know the general outlook for the industry. This will give you an insight into the current status of the industry and changes it will likely experience in the future.

Statistics released in June 2016 paint an up-to-date portrait the UK’s gambling industry. That includes nearly a year of data from small operators the provide Internet gambling. The figures update on statistics that the Gambling Commission released in November 2015. They’re based on data that licensed operators provided to the UK Commission, which constitute the best UK online casinos.

There were several key figures included in the gambling statistics. That included 12.6 billion euros in Total Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) for Great Britain. That’s from the period of October 2014 to September 2015. That’s a 1.4 billion euro increase from statistics based on April 2014 to March 2015.

6.3 billion or 29% of the gambling market share was online betting, casino, and bingo. This is a steady figure that shows a small change from the first 5 months of Internet data that was published in November 2015. That was after the law was altered. It resulted in the Gambling Commission regulating online betting.

The UK is making legal changes that could make it a better choice for gambling than offshore countries. The government has stated it wasn’t the goal of the recent legislation; it has had major influence on the industry.

UK gambling will keep dominating the sports book sector. However, it’s unclear if the UK will be able to compete if online gambling becomes legal in the US. It should be able to do that because the US might be a bit protectionist until it’s prepared to compete against global companies.

This will allow the UK to improve its innovations for Internet gambling. That includes casino apps, 3D gambling, and Kinect tech.

The UK will keep restructuring the industry’s’ finances and allow gambling operations in the UK. After the UK is earning 70%-80% of Internet gambling money rather than using offshore customers, those companies can then have success in an industry where new tech is important.

The innovations are being introduced into the market with tech that brings Internet gambling to UK homes. They can then play various types of games such as through online slots and poker, etc. One company already has made deals with Microsoft so TV video apps can show up on Xboxes in the UK. The next step would be for Internet gambling to appear for people who want to subscribe to the service.

There’s been a steady increase in the popularity of UK Internet gambling for several years. The year 2008 had 9.7% growth, 11.5% by 2012, and 15.9% by September 2014.

There was a small drop to 15.4 % by December. At first, it might seem like it was a sign of change in the market. However, it’s stayed strong and is still earning money. Online gambling’s growth has been in part due to growing sales of smartphones and tablets.

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